Issue Number 45 - APRIL 2016

Bible Truth
These Last Days Bible Study

Strangely enough, we now have the Seventh day Adventist that also agrees with the one God theory of the Roman Catholic Trinity doctrine. The only reason I share the statement of faith on this topic for the Seventh day Adventist, which is in fact a Protestant denomination is because prophecy declared them to be the ninth hour worker, and the only true Bible Protestant against Rome in their day. However, prophecy also predicted they too would fall and join with Rome in both doctrine and persecution of God’s people. What is the Seventh Day Adventist statement regarding Trinity?


Lesson 12: Questions on Hell

18. Who will receive many stripes?
Luke 12:47__________________________________________________

19. Who will receive few stripes?
Luke 12:48 ________________________________________________

20. When the day comes that shall burn as an oven, all that do wickedly shall be what?
Malachi 4:1 _______________________________________________


Prophecy in the News
Daniel 7:25 “he shall… think to change times and laws.”
Headlines Declare Mark of the Beast (Sunday Law) is Coming!
  • The Terrifying Book that Pope Francis Wants the World to Read
    "In an airplane news conference on his way back from the Philippines, Pope Frances referenced a 1907 book entitled “Lord of the World" and advised all of those in attendance to read it. It’s not the first time Francis has mentioned the 1907 novel by Robert Hugh Benson, but his recommendation appears to be due to the daunting warning that is contained in the novel’s plot line. …Lord of the World” portrays a dystopian vision of the future and culminates in the final culminates in the final battle between humanism and Catholicism, which eventually leads to Armageddon
  • ‘Pastors’ Gives 90 day Warranty on TITHE!?
    "The megachurch pastor has a reputation for controversy, and it'll be interesting to see how many eyebrows his current project raises. Because the church is encouraging its members to tithe – give 10 per cent of their income – by offering a 90-day money back guarantee. That's right: "Because we believe what the Bible says about tithing, we commit to you that if you tithe for three months and God doesn't hold true to His promises of blessings (Malachi 3:10), we will refund 100% of your tithe. No questions asked. "
For Your Health
Prophecy Study

God Not Responsible for Disease

When standing by the graves of their children, the afflicted parents look upon their bereavement as a special dispensation of Providence, when  by inexcusable ignorance their own course has destroyed the lives of their children.  To then charge their death to Providence is blasphemy.

All of these so called religious leaders have made false prophecies recently. Just to highlight a few, Benny Hinn said homosexuality would be wiped out in the 90’s, and Fidel Castro would be dead before 2000. Pat Robertson predicted many false prophecies. In 1998 he predicted hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes would strike Orlando Florida, mass killings wherein millions would die and major cities burned, would occur in the USA in the last half of 2007, and a nuclear attack on the USA by the end of 2009, just to name a few. Hal Lindsey stated a secret rapture would occur in 1995 in his book late great planet earth. William Branham predicted in 1954 that 300,000 would come to Christ in his India crusade, which of course never happened. He also predicted Jesus would return by the end of 1977.

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