Issue Number 27 - OCTOBER 2014

Bible Truth
These Last Days Bible Study

 People get SAVED!

When a man walks into a church that has EVERYONE speaking in the "tongues of gibberish" he will always do one thing. HE WILL LEAVE thinking there all nuts right? 1 Corinthians 14:23 confirms that when it says, "If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?"

Lesson 7: You Can Be a New Person!

8. When we choose to serve the Lord, what does He cause to happen within us?
Romans 6:6

9. What may we then reckon ourselves to be?
Romans 6:11 ___________________________________________________________________
“How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” “For he that is dead is freed from sin.” Romans 6:2, 7.


Prophecy in the News
Daniel 7:25 “he shall… think to change times and laws.”
Headlines Declare Mark of the Beast (Sunday Law) is Coming!
  • Supreme Court Set to Hear Church’s ‘Sign Language’ Case
    "The church, which has only a couple of dozen members, is heavily dependent on signs posted around town that advertise its service hours and location... Although political signs can be 32 square feet and stand for up to five months in some cases, the church's signs are limited to six square feet and only can be up 12 hours before each service." --By limiting the time a sign can be posted to only 12 hours before a service; if the service is at 10:00 am, the signs can't even go up till 10:00 pm the night before where very few people will see them. So yes this is yet another act of hostility towards Christians. Yes I realize they are Sunday keepers, honoring the Roman Catholic Sabbath over the Lord's true Sabbath. I'm not defending their tradition. They, like most others in fallen churches have yet to discover the beauty of obedience. That aside, officials in Gilbert, Arizona, where this is taking place even banned private homes from hosting church services or bible studies a few years ago. So hassling Christians is nothing new for the local officials. But with Christians being tortured, murdered, jailed, kidnapped and driven from their homes in countries all over the world, a church in Arizona fighting for the right to post signs is by comparison quite trivial. So why call attention to this story? It's because the legal team defending them is the Alliance Defending Freedom. (ADF) Their supposed goal is "the spread of the Gospel by transforming the legal system" in their favor. Prophecy declared the USA government would emulate the Vatican by becoming a church and state system. This has already been done with the unconstitutional 501c3 tax laws. But for now, the state still rules the church. When the church reigns supreme over the state, then the mark of the beast will be enforced. This case is being heard by the US Supreme Court so it'll be interesting to hear the final verdict.
  • Senator Warns ‘National Socialism’ Taking Root  
    "Sen. Pat Robert took on a campaign buddy, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, at a recent Dodge City event to raise money to keep his Kansas seat, warning those in attendance that it’s not long before America turns the corner on the Constitution and takes on a more permanent socialistic feel." --Isn't that interestin? For years, students of prophecy said the USA will dump the Constitution and adopt a Socialist form of Government under Roman demand so as to have the means necessary to enforce the mark. But all the leaders in political office as well as the church said that was a lie, didn't they? Then just as we saw them do with the Vatican's New World Order agenda, wherein they also said we lied for years and then later when the fix was in they started to declare the need for a New World Order openly, we now see them doing the exact same thing with Socialistic talking points on both ends of the spectrum. They lie for years so as to prevent their plans from being disrupted by massive protests, and when they are just about ready to pull it off, they change their tune publicly and declare their plans are soon to come just as students of prophecy warned all along. OK, prophecy will be fulfilled. I get that. What I don't get is how many times do the obedient Christians have to be right before someone starts to listen? It's amazing how much sin can cloud the mind from rational thought eh?
For Your Health
Prophecy Study

Causes of Disease

    They closely apply their minds to books, and eat the allowance of laboring men. . . . The liver becomes burdened, and unable to throw off the impurities of the blood, and sickness is the result.-- T., V. III, p. 490.
 Scanty, impoverished, ill-cooked food is constantly depraving the blood, by weakening the bloodmaking organs.--T., V. I, p. 682.
 The free use of sugar in any form tends to clog the system, and is not unfrequently a cause of disease.--C. T., p. 57.
A great amount of milk and sugar . . . clog the system, irritate the digestive organs, and affect the brain.--T., V. II, p. 370


Continuing from last month...

Do you recall that video I put up a few weeks ago about the Christian student that was ridiculed by their classmates and teachers for being a Christian? That same demonic spirit is running rampant today.

Ok, getting back, did you notice in verse 8 of Revelation 11 that the 2 witnesses’ bodies were in the street that, "spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt?" The key word here is they were SPIRITUALLY called Sodom and Egypt. But why? Many false preachers like to twist that prophetic fact out of context to gain support for their prophetic heresy. Using simple Biblical jurisprudence one can see what's really being said here...




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