Issue Number 57 - APRIL 2017

Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

Headlines Declare Mark of the Beast (Sunday Law) is Coming!

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Lawmakers across US move to include young people in voting

"Looking at all the protests throughout this year throughout all the high schools across the nation, we could see a lot of the minors were protesting because they felt as if they didn't have a voice," said Sainz, a senior at Inderkum High School in Sacramento. Lawmakers in more than a dozen states are trying to increase voter participation by targeting young people. Their bills are among nearly 500 pieces of legislation introduced around the country this year to make voting easier, according to a March analysis by New York University's Brennan Center for Justice."

As we know all too well, the United States School system is nothing more than an indoctrination station for our precious boys and girls. They need to make them into mindless drones that will do whatever the government wants them to do when they eventually leave school and vote. The fact "common core" was adopted into the system coast to coast proves dumbing down the children is their main priority. I literally came across an article last week that I posted in the "additional article links" I post below the blog entry that reported on how a student's answer to a math question was marked wrong even though the sum of the answer was correct.

The student answered the question with "5+5+5 = 15." But the teacher wanted the answer to be "3+3+3+3+3 = 15" instead and so the student was declared wrong. In other words, the teacher, who is a government employee, demanded the student to it their way, PERIOD. That kind of force and pressure will most assuredly generate an obedient drone is kept up.

Regardless of how and why the teacher's excuse was as to why he or she wanted it done in that way makes no difference. The real question is why teach that folderol in the first place? It's because it keeps the child's intelligence in check. If the children are allowed to learn their multiplication tables as I did as a child (which was very difficult at a young age) it will allow them to learn how to use their brain more effectively early on and so cause them to grow in a manner that offers better thinking skills in adulthood. But the Government of Rome can't allow that and so, as the term I heard from the 1980's predicted, they are in fact "dumbing down America" so as to have drones vote that will allow the most wicked, debase, and downright evil leaders to gain office.

I repeat and will repeat again no doubt in the coming days for those that know, but I have NEVER voted and never will. I am neither Democrat, Republican or even so called Independent because even as a teen I saw how corrupt it all was. And so when I say the Democrats are behind this, it's not because I am a Republican. The recent and still ongoing idiocies of the Democrats in America have gone so far off the chart they have to know by now that in two years when it comes for them to re-run for office in Congress or four years for the Presidency that their absolute insanities in the media and society itself shows they haven't got a chance. And so they need to create more Democratic voting blocs and so this is just one more way to get that done.

Basic reality dictates that if the children can't think, then they cannot see the danger in voting for people whose policies bring on the Socialist format in politics that Rome needs to enforce the mark. The fact most teens don't have the wherewithal to even vote at the ripe old age of 18 proves this was their plan back in the 1970's when the voting age dropped from 21 to 18. They knew allowing teenagers to vote

who just graduated high school  would help their cause. Reason being is, their indoctrination "lessons" forced on the children would still be intact in memory when standing in the voting booth. But to lower it to 17 not only guarantees it's still intact, it confirms a windfall for the schools that for the majority are widely corrupted with antichristian theology. And just so you know, it will also grant them millions of new voters that could be forced (as a classroom assignment) to stand in line to vote for the candidate that has the school board's best interests at heart. And as we also know, recent and even long-term historic fact is, ALL OF THEM are antichristian in nature.

One last thing.. Let's say these impressionable children that blindly obey their teachers go forth into life to use the 3+3+3+3+3 = 15 mathematics when they try to get a job dealing with money, or a job that needs them to be able to think on their feet? It's obvious they won't be able to get that job anywhere and so AGAIN they will be forced to look to the US government to help them by placing them on government aid the rest of their lives. Sure, they may get a job slinging hash or digging a ditch, but it won't be enough to survive and so they would most assuredly need food stamps. That being the case, when it comes time to vote again, they will definitely vote for the candidate that keeps their food stamp meal ticket intact. And then you will see a Socialist AmericKa just as Rome planned.

Continuing from last month...

#8 Men will believe lies over plainly written Scripture

Almost 100% of the Christian church believes Sunday is the Sabbath, when in fact you cannot find a single Bible verse from Genesis to Revelation that states God changed the Sabbath from day 7 to day 1. Truth is, I have posted online statements from every denominational leader for the last 2000 years wherein they have admitted in writing that the Sabbath was never changed by God. Yet most churches ignore that well documented fact. Many also believe when a Christian dies they go immediately to Heaven at death. Yet the Word of God plainly says in both the old and new testaments the exact opposite. Strangely enough, the churches also teach if you go to your grave without Christ, you not only go immediately to Hell at death, you will live for all eternity in the flames of Hell as punishment for your sins. Yet again, the Bible doesn't say that at all. The Word clearly says in numerous passages that those that go to Hell will burn away to ash at the end of the 1000 years. Take the 1000 years itself as yet another spurious tool of Satan. Most of the churches teach Jesus will reign on earth for those 1000 years when He gets here. But there are many verses found in both the old and new testaments that the only one on earth alive during those 1000 years is Satan and his demons. Most churches also teach of a secret rapture. But nowhere is this doctrine found in Scripture. However, there are many Bible verses that can be found that prove the second coming will not be done in secret at all. That fact alone proves yet another prophecy fulfilled from the Prophet Amos where most have stopped reading Bibles today. Most churches also teach there is a seven year tribulation, or a great tribulation that is to come very soon. Yet the Bible not only states there is no seven year trib, it also proves using prophetic facts matched perfectly with well documented historic events that the great tribulation already happened during the 1260 year bloody reign of the Roman Catholic Popes. Lately a new false doctrine has arisen wherein the churches are now teaching Islam is now the Antichrist, when the prophecies as well as historic facts matched with those prophecies say boldly otherwise.

Moving right along we also see all churches today teach trinity to be a doctrine of the Bible when in fact it cannot be found anywhere in the Bible. Thanks to Rome's infectious ways upon those that don't trust or even bother to open Bibles, many also baptize babies today, while in so doing ignore what the Bible says about infant Baptism. We also see churches teaching that Jesus isn't God, or the Holy Spirit doesn't exist as an actual person in the Godhead, or Christians must keep the feast days. Some teach today that the Sabbath changes each month to a different day of the week so as to follow the cycle of the moon, or some teach the people in Israel are actually the chosen people of God even though many verses in both the old and new testaments, or even from Jesus Himself state clearly only those who accept Christ as Lord can be called Israel today. We also see some teaching every Christian must speak in tongues or you must only use the names Yahweh or Yeshua when speaking of the Father and the Son.


To be continued….


Question: Will there be some who are killed for their faith during the little time of trouble that comes before the plagues? I have heard some pastors say that not one Christian will die at that time.

Yes, many will die for their faith during the time of trouble before the time of Jacob’s trouble. These are those spoken of in Revelation 20

  • Revelation 20:4, "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

This passage is obviously speaking of the last days because the mark of the beast is mentioned. The Gideon band (144000) however, will never see death. They are those that go through the plagues and glorify Christ before the Universe. Once the plagues begin the “real” martydom’s will stop because it will no longer serve a purpose. Many that die for their faith affect others that witness their faith and they too become Christians. Once the plagues start, this means the censer has been dropped by Christ and the proclamation will have been made that is recorded in Revelation 22:11 that says, "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still." In other words, no one can be saved anymore, so for a Christian to die for their faith now will serve no purpose in Heaven in the way of winning souls.

Question: Why did John the Baptist send his disciples to ask Jesus "Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?" when John said Jesus was the "Lamb of God" earlier.

As for John the Baptist. He was just a normal brother in Christ like many today. When imprisoned, he became somewhat discouraged as some will in the future trials and tribulations. Truth is, as far as I can see, this was allowed by the Lord for our benefit in latter years when we see how Jesus responded to John’s question. This brings encouragement to those of us that will suffer greatly for the Lord as did John. Just because we are in a grave trial like John was, we are not to forget all that Christ has already done for us in life. Faith teaches us that we can use our past experiences with the Lord to build that firm foundation we will need when in peril as was John. When John’s men came to Jesus He reminded them of what He has already done. He said, "...Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see: The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me." (Matthew 11:4-6)

Continuing from last month...

Sabbath Observance Through The Centuries - The Eighth Century A.D.
"We command all Christians to observe the Lord's day to be held not in honour of the past Sabbath, but on account of that holy night of the first of the week called the Lord's day. When speaking of that Sabbath which the Jews observe, the last day of the week, and which also our peasants observe.." Mansi, 13, 851

"The hills of Persia and the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates reechoed their songs of praise. They reaped their harvests and paid their tithes. They repaired to their churches on the Sabbath day for the worship of God." "Realencyclopaedie fur Protestatische and Krche," art. "Nestorianer"; also Yule, "The Book of ser Marco Polo," Vol.2, p.409.

"Widespread and enduring was the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath among the believers of the Church of the East and the St. Thomas Christians of India, who never were connected with Rome. It also was maintained among those bodies which broke off from Rome after the Council of Chalcedon namely, the Abyssinians, the Jacobites, the Maronites, and the Armenians," Schaff-Herzog, The New Enclopadia of Religious Knowledge," art. "Nestorians"; also Realencyclopaedie fur Protestantische Theologie und Kirche," art. "Nestorianer."

"The third allocution of this council warns against the observance of the Sabbath, referring to the decree of the council of Laodicea." Dr. Hefele, Counciliengfesch, 3, 512, sec. 362

CHINA - A.D. 781
In A.D. 781 the famous China Monument was inscribed in marble to tell of the growth of Christianity in China at that time. The inscription, consisting of 763 words, was unearthed in 1625 near the city of Changan and now stands in the "Forest of Tablets," Changan. The following extract from the stone shows that the Sabbath was observed:

"On the seventh day we offer sacrifices, after having purified our hearts, and received absolution for our sins. This religion, so perfect and so excellent, is difficult to name, but it enlightens darkness by its brilliant precepts." Christianity in China, M. I'Abbe Huc, Vol. I, ch.2, pp. 48, 49

Sabbath Observance Through The Centuries - The Ninth Century A.D.
"Bulgaria in the early season of its evangelization had been taught that no work should be performed on the Sabbath." Responsa Nicolai Papae I and Con-Consulta Bulllllgarorum, Responsum 10, found in Mansi, Sacrorum Concilorum Nova et Amplissima Colectio, Vol.15; p. 406; also Hefele, Conciliengeschicte, Vol.4, sec. 478

(Pope Nicholas I, in answer to letter from Bogaris, ruling prince of Bulgaria.) "Ques. 6-Bathing is allowed on Sunday. Ques. 10-One is to cease from work on Sunday, but not also on the Sabbath." Hefele, 4,346- 352, sec. 478

The Bulgarians had been accustomed to rest on the Sabbath. Pope Nicholas writes against this practice.

(Photuus, Patriarch of Constantinople {in counter- synod that deposed Nicolas}, thus accused Papacy). Against the canons, they induced the Bulgarians to fast on the Sabbath." Photius, vonKard, Hergenrother, 1, 643

Note: The Papacy had always tried to bring the seventh-day Sabbath into disrepute by insisting that all should fast on that day. In this manner (she sought to turn people towards Sunday, the first day, the day that Rome had adopted.

Cardinal Hergenrother says that they stood in intimate relation with Emperor Michael II (821-829) and testifies that they observed the Sabbath. Kirchengeschichte, 1, 527

"Widespread and enduring was the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath among the believers of the Church of the East and the St. Thomas Christians of India. It was also maintained by the Abyssinians.

"Pope Nicholas I, in the ninth century, sent the ruling prince of Bulgaria a long document saying in it that one is to cease from work on Sunday, but not on the Sabbath. The head of the Greek Church, offended at the interference of the Papacy, declared the Pope ex-communicated." Truth Triumphant, p. 232

To be continued….

Exercise: Walking

“When the weather will permit, all who can possibly do so ought to walk in the open air every day, summer and winter… A walk, even in winter, would be more beneficial to the health than all the medicine the doctors may prescribe. For those who can walk, walking is preferable to riding. The muscles and veins are enabled better to perform their work. There will be increased vitality, which is so necessary to health. The lungs will have needful action; for it is impossible to go out in the bracing air of a winter's morning without inflating the lungs.” 


Source: Healthful Living p.130


Lesson 16:

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Continuing from last month...

9. What is the message that must be preached with a loud voice today? _________________________________________________
Revelation 14:7 
Paul spoke in terms of “judgment to come” (Acts 24:25).
The message for today is that “judgment is come” (Rev. 14:7).
When Jesus comes, “He hath judged” (Rev. 19:2).

This investigative judgment, which evaluates the lives of all who have ever professed faith in Christ, is completed before Jesus comes.  It should not be confused with the judgment of the wicked by Christ and His saints, which occurs during the millennium; or the final judgment and punishment of the wicked, which takes place at the end of the 1000 years (See lesson 5).
10. What is to be more valued than having power over evil spirits?
Luke 10:19, 20 ______________________________________________

11. Where are the names of God’s people recorded?
Philippians 4:3______________________________________________

12. How has God recorded our good deeds?
Malachi 3:16 _______________________________________________

13. What else is marked before God?
Jeremiah 2:22 _________________________________________

14. Where has God written a description of everyone?
Psalm 139:16 __________________________________________  
Everything we do is recorded in God’s books. Some of the direct or implied references to the heavenly books of record include Nehemiah 13:14; Job 16:19; Psalm 56:8; Hebrews 12:23; Revelation 13:8; 17:8; 21:27; and 22:19.

15. In the judgment, what are opened?
Daniel 7:9, 10 __________________________________________

16. What are the books used for in the judgment?
Revelation 20:12 _______________________________________

17. If the books of record show that one turned back to sin, what will be his doom?
Ezekiel 18:24 __________________________________________

To be continued….